My old laptop decal peeled away.

The phrase “JDX” is a motivator I write on everything from my notebooks to my bathroom mirror.

Grade 2 Braille for “just do it” translated into Grade 1 Braille is “j d x”. This is because “j”, “d”, and “x” are full word contractions in G2 when they are used outside of a word.

Doodling at Dinner

While at dinner and conversing with friends, I took out my notebook and began to doodle (~2 hours).

As I answered questions about my method of drawing/deciding what to draw, my friend pointed out that this drawing style (doodling whatever comes to mind) translates to somewhat surrealist pieces.

The classification of my drawing style isn’t something I’d previously considered, so I found this realization interesting.

Duct-Tape Decoration

Let’s say you want to decorate an all-black surface, without damaging it deeply. If engraving and sharpies aren’t within your acceptable option set, I suggest duct-tape and an exact-o knife.
Begin covering your surface with a duct tape canvas. Next, sketch your desired design on some paper (I suggest graph paper) and secure each piece of paper with scotch tape.

Piece by piece, cut rectangles and triangles out from your design. Use the exact-o knife edge to help peel the severed duct tape from the universe set.

Repeat this process for each piece of your design. By segmenting your design, you can stabilize the paper “stencils” with tape more effectively than if you used one huge stencil.

After extracting the desired duct tape to form your pattern, trim the edges of your canvas to finish your decoration.

Happy decorating! This trombone case now complements my trombone’s design.

The Divine Computer

I have been drawing mainly hands for a while, so I figured I’d use my free time to sketch something different.

(Morse Code) The top-left box says “I present to you query results”
The bottom-right box says “Here lies a database waiting to be used”

She is reaching into the database, processing the table and presenting the results asked of her.

Hadoop’s 5 Daemons

At work the other day, I was reading about Hadoop’s 5 daemons. The information wasn’t quite clicking, so I drew a picture to cement the concepts into my mind. (I’ve checked that all information regarding Hadoop in this blogpost is publicly available.)

In words:
Hadoop is comprised of five separate daemons. Each of these daemon runs in its own JVM.
The following 3 Daemons run on Master nodes:

  • NameNode – This daemon stores and maintains the metadata for HDFS.
  • Secondary NameNode – Performs housekeeping functions for the NameNode.
  • JobTracker – Manages MapReduce jobs, distributes individual tasks to machines running the Task Tracker.

The following 2 Daemons run on Slave nodes:

  • DataNode – Stores actual HDFS data blocks.
  • TaskTracker – Responsible for instantiating and monitoring individual Map and Reduce tasks.


Proton (2 up quarks and a down quark) : Wire
4-D Cube Projected into 3-D Space : straws, wax, and paper
Rubik’s Cube Solving Lego Mindstorms Robot : Mindstorms 2.0