Introduction to FractalCows

I am creating this blog in order to keep my family and friends updated on my adventures. I often neglect to update those close to me on my daily life and changing interests, because of my tendency to get caught up in my schoolwork and research.
I expect this blog an eclectic patchwork of explanations, project updates, doodles, and code.

Here goes. I’ll start with a short introduction.

Hello. I’m Rin, or Catherine. I’m a junior at George Mason University – my major is Computational Physics. In other words, I study scientific simulation, algorithm development, and data analysis. I thrive in the intersections of fields: especially computer science, maths, and physics. This leads me to call myself a compumathemaphysicist.

In my free time, I program in python, cube, rock climb, run, do math, play trombone, read, and draw.

I have 3 main philosophies, based on those held by one of my favorite modern scientists (Neil Degrasse Tyson):
0. Stay healthy.
1. Know more about the world than I did yesterday.
2. Lessen the suffering of others.