Ukulele Songs from the TamagaWHAT Seminar

This quarter (Spring 2018) we held a seminar on the Lurie-Gaitsgory proof of the function field case of the Tamagawa conjecture (Jora Belousov, Grigory Kondyrev, Yifeng Liu, and myself). I also started learning the uke, and I wrote a song for each talk (many use the tune of an existing song). I think the quality improved as I went on, so feel free to start from Lecture 8.

Lecture 3: Disk’s Edge


Lecture 5: Bun and Ran


Lecture 6: Bernoulli Numbers


Lecture 7: Sheaves on Ran


Lecture 8: Beilinson-Drin(fel’d)


This quarter, I didn’t TeX most of the notes, and they are rather unseemly, but if you would like them, please feel free to email me.