Hadoop’s 5 Daemons

At work the other day, I was reading about Hadoop’s 5 daemons. The information wasn’t quite clicking, so I drew a picture to cement the concepts into my mind. (I’ve checked that all information regarding Hadoop in this blogpost is publicly available.)

In words:
Hadoop is comprised of five separate daemons. Each of these daemon runs in its own JVM.
The following 3 Daemons run on Master nodes:

  • NameNode – This daemon stores and maintains the metadata for HDFS.
  • Secondary NameNode – Performs housekeeping functions for the NameNode.
  • JobTracker – Manages MapReduce jobs, distributes individual tasks to machines running the Task Tracker.

The following 2 Daemons run on Slave nodes:

  • DataNode – Stores actual HDFS data blocks.
  • TaskTracker – Responsible for instantiating and monitoring individual Map and Reduce tasks.

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  1. Hi

    Do you know which process prepares the execution plan to fetch the data blocks from data nodes.


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