Introduction to Algebraic Structures

This post is an experiment in explaining math concepts via colorful hand-drawn diagrams.

At the recommendation of a few friends, I will likely add examples in the near future. If you find this post uninteresting/difficult to connect to ideas that you already have, I highly suggest you check out this post by MathIsFun.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way — we will delve into rings, fields, lattices, and categories.

Only then, once we’ve built your intellectual tool kit, we approach will the applications of groups in physics and biochem. Here’s a sneak peak of the introduction to lattice structures:

One thought on “Introduction to Algebraic Structures”

  1. This is a cool explanation, I really like the visual style! I do see a small problem though: the properties look a bit mismatched under “Properties of group-like structures”.

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