My Weekly Planner Template

Sometimes, when juggling a particularly busy lifestyle, a stand-alone Todo list isn’t enough. I find it useful to supplement my Todo system with a weekly schedule in order to quickly allocate Todos to each day.

At the beginning of the week, I created a weekly planner for myself (click the image to enlarge).

The goals section outlines what you’d like done by the end of the week, and the immediate section is for quick brainstorming and immediate dispensable todo lists. (The immediate section is used to eliminate excessive usage of post-it notes.)

Each day of the week is represented in abbreviated Grade 1 Braille, with a space to put the corresponding day number (as illustrated above).
1st column: S M T W
2nd column: R F Y

The remaining 3 sections are versatile (e.g. used for: quick notes, reminders, quotes, additional brainstorming space, random ideas).

I use black to write prevalent todos, blue to write “extra” todos, and highlighted text to indicate due dates and extremely time sensitive todos.

I’ve found to be useful and motivating. I hope you find use from it or are motivated to create your own personalized weekly template.