Some Trombone Basics

In which I play a bit, debunk some misconceptions, teach you the slide positions and embouchure (i.e., mouth shape), and show you how to safely bike with a trombone.

2 thoughts on “Some Trombone Basics”

  1. ohhh you should learn how to do bugle calls, and play them, accelerando, and slowly bring in the slide :)

    And I wish biking with a guitar were that easy. But I guess that’s totally what I get for playing a mainstream instrument huh?

    1. Excuses! Use a hiking backpack and strap the sucker down with bungee cords (or belts) in an X shape, with the top of the X where the neck meets the face, and the bottom of the X supporting the bottom of the guitar. The bottom can be further secured by putting a support under the bottom (using an old jacket) tying the “arms” of the support to the backpack, and attach the bottom of the belts to the jacket-sling (so the belts don’t slide to the side of the guitar).

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