Todo system

I used to drown in a sea of post-it notes and repetitive todo lists, my thoughts spread across unorganized Dropbox files, repetitive Evernote entries and various iPhone apps (Checklist, Notes, GoogleTasks).

Now that I am more comfortable with vim and bash scripting than I am with bulky GUI apps, I decided to code myself a thought management system. While researching I came across this beauty, Todo.txt, and have converted my ad-hoc method of todo lists and thought recording into an organized system.

So far, I’ve broken it up into three plain text files:

  • todo.txt – mandatory actions, one liners (with abundant project names for sorting)
  • Ideas.txt – ideas and notes on said ideas
  • myday.txt – journal entries & freewriting, partitioned by day
  • This system is amazing. Very efficient, and perfect for cross-platform work on Dropbox.

    add - add simple task to todo.txt
            t add “task”
    + - associate a task with a project by including the project name with a + sign
            t add “task +Project”
    @ - note context
            t add “task @Work”
    list - see all tasks in todo.txt
            t ls
    show only the tasks related to Project
            t ls +Project
    show tasks with keyword
            t ls keyword
    pri - prioritize a task (depri)
            t pri number priority
    do - mark task complete
            t do <line of task completed>